Comparison: HDFC Ergo Optima Restore with Niva Bupa ReAssure

Optima Restore has for long been one of the best selling health insurance plan. Over 10 years ago when Apollo Munich introduced “restore” as part of Optima Restore it was kind of a revolution. Many insurers since then have tried to replicate some features or all of it. Niva Bupa (formally Max Bupa) introduced the […]

Things to Know Before Buying Health Insurance

I have come across significant number of people who understand the importance of Health Insurance however they do not buy one because they find it too difficult to understand. Another deterrent  is a feedback they or someone close in their network have been denied a claim in past. So what is it with Health Insurance […]

Group Health Insurance Vs Individual/Family Floater Mediclaim?

Having being is the business of providing risk cover to clients, I come across many individuals who think that their office health policy or Group Health Insurance is good enough to take care of medical expenses. They usually are far away from an emergency fund and depend on either savings or borrowings from friends & […]