Comparison between PSU Health Insurance Plans

It is for long that I had been willing to compare PSU health insurance plans. These plans for long have captured significant mind share of Indian consumers. The health insurance plans by four PSU or government insurance companies are very similar to each other at a first glance but when one digs deeper the finer details emerge.The PSU or goverment health insurance plans are very basic in nature and therefore too much should not be expected from them.

The comparison below has actually 5 plans – one each from 4 PSUs i.e. New India Assurance, National Insurance, Oriental Insurance and United India Insurance and one plan from Bajaj Allianz GIC. Although Bajaj Allianz  is not a PSU insurer but I still have compared one of their plan because of similarities it has.

Below are 5 family floater plans that have been compared.

1) National Parivaar Mediclaim from National Insurance
2) New India Family Floater from New India Assurance
3) Family Medicare from United India
4) Happy Family Floater from Oriental Insurance and
5) Health Ensure from Bajaj Allianz

I hope this comparison shall be of help to you. To understand what you should know before buying a health insurance read-  Things to know before buying health insurance.

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